'Tis the Season: Happy Holidays Vs. Merry Christmas

As we're merrily entering the holiday season, bells are ringing and children are singing. Whether this past weekends snowfall or the end of thanksgiving marked the beginning or preparation for the coming holidays, it seems many of us are in that jolly mood. You may see yourself wishing people good tidings—Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. But wait, which is it? Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas?

What really is the reason for the season? Well, there are 14 religious Holidays with set calendar dates in December—this doesn't include Eid or other lunar holidays that may happen to fall in December. And while Christmas is a very popular holiday, particularly in the U.S, there are many people right here in our hometown of Faribault that may celebrate a different holiday.

While nobody means any foulness when wishing someone a Merry Christmas, if that person or family doesn't celebrate Christmas, it may feel as though their beliefs or religion are being overlooked. While it's easy to stick to what's to what you know or what's popular, it's important to remember those around you.

It's also important to recognize that, even if Christmas isn't the holiday you personally celebrate when someone wishes you a Merry Christmas it truly is not, at least in any case I've heard of, their intent to disregard what you do believe or celebrate.

In the end, both Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas are both intended to be ways in which we wish others good tidings, happiness, joy, warmth in a cold season, and well wishes. Both sayings are ways in which to positively connect to another person and show them kindness. However, the phrase Happy Holidays is far more a way to personally encompass many beliefs and religions into the goodness you spread.

So this December, in the spirit of giving, be sure to give some thought to those around you who may celebrate other traditions and holidays. We may all be different and diverse, but we are also all one people. And while it's important to show kindness and understanding year round, let's be sure to give a little extra warmth to others during this cold time of year.

What do you think? While this isn't a debate to get heated about, as it's truly all in support of a merry season, what do you wish people during the holiday season?

Happy Holidays!