New Year

3. 2. 1. Happy New Year, Everybody!!!

Welcome to the time of change. At the beginning of every year, many people look at the past and decide they want to change. With the start of the new year, it's figured then is the time to do it—new year, new me.

So why start here? If you want to change yourself, why not do it any time? Well, that answer is difficult. I can't say for sure, and it's probably different for different people, but my theory is it's because change is hard.

There's many changes one goes through in their life, from changes they don’t control, like puberty, to changes that take big decisions, like moving. This particular new year change, however, tends to be one based in self reflection—be kinder, less stress, exercise more, be more direct—the options are endless.

While self control can be difficult, and deciding to change yourself can be even more so, I have some wishes for everybody. In this new year, my wish for everyone is to be kinder, be happier, and to breathe.

Be kinder to others and to yourself. You don't know what kind of day someone may be having, but your kindness may make it better. And to yourself—we all deserve our own kindness.

Be happier this new year. While it's almost impossible to make ourselves be happy, we can try. Stop dwelling on the little things, accept scenarios, and communicate honestly. Each of these can make it easier to relieve some stress and be happier.

And breathe. Obviously we can't survive without breathing, so this may seem out of place. What I mean by this is to remember you can take a step back and breathe. In situations that are troubling and stressful, take a deep breath, collect yourself, it'll be okay, breathe.

In the end, I think each of my wishes for you can be said simply as this: Happy New Year.