The first time I heard the phrase "No Shave November," I was confused. I didn't understand why all these people were choosing to go an entire month without shaving. I remember I found out why people did this when I was listening to a news channel while sitting in a McDonalds.

Pictures of men with breast cancer were shown on the small fuzzy screen. For those unaware: No Shave November is a tradition where men, and sometimes women, don't shave in order to raise awareness for men with cancer. While letting your body hair grow out won't cure cancer, it's a way to start a conversation. Men tend to be seen as these mystical creatures who are strong, dominant, and most importantly: painless. Our society has conditioned men to be seen in this light, therefore not making us think of them when we think "victim." No Shave November is a way to start conversations meant to change that narrative.

So why hair growth? There are lots of ways to draw people's attention or to show support, why not a t-shirt? Well, growing out our hair is a way to embrace our hair--hair that many cancer patients lose. Going a step further, many people are even encouraged to spend the money they would have used on razors, shaving cream, or waxing appointments in another way: donation. The official site for No Shave November recommends donating this money to resources for cancer research and education about cancer and cancer prevention.

If this is something that you would like to do, put down that razor and jump on board! You can donate directly through If you need a place to donate cash, stop by our office: the Faribault Diversity Coalition, 324 Central Avenue. All proceeds will go to the Matthew Hill Foundation).