Blue Christmas

With only 6 days until Christmas, stores are packed, lights are everywhere, and carols blow through the air. As we send and receive Christmas cards, it may be difficult to think about those who don't share in the merriments. While we've already brought up the topic of not everybody celebrating Christmas, we didn't talk about those who may not be able to.

In this merry season, nobody necessarily wants to think about things that may not be cheery. However, we do need to think about those around us who may not be in the celebrating mood. There are also many people around us who don't have the means for a big traditional holiday season. As the cold winds blow and our hearts are full, let's take a moment to think about those who may not be so fortunate.

Seasonal depression hits many of us—for some, it's simply a chemical imbalance, and for some, this may be a time of year that reminds us of someone we lost. When I was in fifth grade, I knew a student who lost their om shortly before Christmas. I remember how sad I felt for them, and how even the thought of something so heartbreaking made me almost cry, but I had the opportunity to go back to my home with my family and put it out of my mind. That sadness doesn't always leave all of us. Sometimes, unfortunately, the heartbreak lingers and can come back and sting us for years to come—whether that heartbreak is from loss or something else, it has the peculiar ability to keep us down.

There are also many members of our community and beyond it that don't have the option of celebrating. Some can't afford gifts, some can't afford food, and some don't even have a warm home to return to. Luckily, Faribault does have resources for some who aren't able to make ends meet, but those resources can always use more help. This holiday season, if you and your family are able to, please take in the consideration of donating. Through organizations like St. Vincent DePaul, Ruth's House of Hope, Goodwill, Adopt a Family, and many more, we can help our neighbors in need.

So this season, while I still wish everyone merriment and time with loved ones, let's also keep in mind those who may not have that option. All my love to everyone celebrating, or not celebrating, the holidays this season. May we all keep warm and have joy in our hearts, and to those who are unable, may better times come.

All my Love.