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New Year

3. 2. 1. Happy New Year, Everybody!!! Welcome to the time of change. At the beginning of every year, many people look at the past and decide they want to change. With the start of the new year, it's figured then is the time to do it—new year, new me. Read more.

Blue Christmas

With only 6 days until Christmas, stores are packed, lights are everywhere, and carols blow through the air. As we send and receive Christmas cards, it may be difficult to think about those who don't share in the merriments. While we've already brought up the topic of not everybody celebrating Christmas, we didn't talk about those who may not be able to. Read more.

Dog Days of December

Season's greetings! While the cold holiday season brings up a lot of topics pertaining to our fluffy, four-legged friends, we only have time to go over a few. Read more.

'Tis the Season

As we're merrily entering the holiday season, bells are ringing and children are singing. Whether this past weekends snowfall or the end of thanksgiving marked the beginning or preparation for the coming holidays, it seems many of us are in that jolly mood. You may see yourself wishing people good tidings—Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. But wait, which is it? Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas? Read more.


Despite its use in scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw's academic essay "Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color," the word Intersectionality wasn't added to the Merriam Webster dictionary until April of 2017. So what is Intersectionality? I'm glad you ask. Crenshaw coined this term in order to help express the problems that immigrant women of color were experiencing. Read more.


As Thanksgiving is right around the corner, many of us are likely making plans to gather with family and friends. Whether Thanksgiving, to you, means a day of feasting, a day of praise, or just another Thursday, historically it's story is a little more gruesome.

When tales of "The First Thanksgiving" are shared, pictures of Native Americans with feathers in their hair and pilgrims with buckles on their shoes likely comes to mind. We've painted an image of a large table where Native Americans supplied fish and corn and Pilgrims brought turkey and peace treaties. I will say this lovely image is a good way to make that particular November day seem like one of peace and love, however, this graphic isn't altogether true. Now is the time for a fair warning of gruesome details to come, so if that's not something that's not something that intrigues you or you are opting to keep the aforementioned image at the front of your mind, you may skip this section. Read more.

Diversity 101

Some days, you just can't believe where you are and how far you've come. On these days, you can't help but reflect: on your experiences, on your choices, on who you are-you reflect on your own diversity. Sometimes I can't believe I am where I am-college. It still feels like I should be back to school shopping for my first day of 5th grade (I'm sure my mother would agree). Regardless, now that I am here, I'm taking classes off the beaten path of 8-3 Monday-Friday. Because I'm a freshman, my first round of courses are level 100 courses. Instead of labeling classes as level 1, 2, or 3, college tries to show it's bigger than high school by using numbers like 100, 200, and 300. Which brings us to the point of 101. While Dalmatians are easy to count, course loads are a little more complicated to calculate. Good thing you only have one class today-and a level 100 at that. Welcome to Diversity 101: an introduction to the basics of defining a diverse person. Read more.


The first time I heard the phrase "No Shave November," I was confused. I didn't understand why all these people were choosing to go an entire month without shaving. I remember I found out why people did this when I was listening to a news channel while sitting in a McDonalds. Read more.